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The Company

Contrarius is a small, but established and successful, investment manager. We focus primarily on global shares and have a long-term approach with an investment horizon measured in years. The investment philosophy could be described as ‘contrarian’, and is based on proprietary research.

As an intellectually focused business, we depend on the quality of our people. Finding people who are curious, motivated, and share our long-term approach is difficult. We are patient and careful when looking for them. When we do find them, we try to make it easy for them to stay.

The Role

This is an opportunity for a bright, enthusiastic, thoughtful graduate to learn about the investment industry. We do not require any specific experience but the role needs a numerate degree with excellent grades. It may include:

  • Supporting senior management and directors, including: being the point of reference for requests for information from both internal and external parties; assisting with the preparation and review of financial and regulatory reports,
  • Analysis of requests from investors and other professional parties,
  • Dealing with fund services providers, including: reviewing the administrators’ fund valuations and their dealings in units of the funds; instructing trade settlements, cash forecasting, and corporate actions,
  • Certain areas of office management, including: liaising with service providers and suppliers and monitoring their performance; overseeing day-to-day processes and controls.

Why you might like us

  • Have the benefits of a small business, including insight into almost all aspects of our business, direct access to the most senior management, and any management support you reasonably need,
  • Learn about many more facets of the investment industry in this varied role than you would in a more niche role at a bigger company,
  • Start a career in the investment industry,
  • Be in charge of managing your own time. We have no timesheets. We are more interested in the quality of your work,
  • We encourage long-term and diverse professional development. Contrarius covers the costs of further relevant qualifications and training (including tuition, materials, and professional subscriptions),
  • We reward high-performing, reliable colleagues who share our long-term mind-set at above-market rates. It makes no sense for us to give hard-to-find, valuable people reasons to leave,
  • Work with, and learn from, an assortment of bright, good-humoured, experienced, diligent people, with varied interests, backgrounds and expertise,
  • High-performing, long-term thinkers may, in time, be able to take on new responsibilities and move to other areas of the business.

Why we may not be a good fit for you

  • You are motivated more by a nine-to-five job than by pride in your work,
  • We expect our colleagues to go beyond minimum requirements,
  • We need people who are able to consider their work analytically,
  • You are impulsive and emotional rather than reflective and logical.

Five years continuous residence in Jersey is required for this position

Contrarius Investment Management Limited is licensed to conduct fund services business by the Jersey Financial Services Commission